What We Believe


As a Lutheran, the good news that God loves me more than I will ever understand. I see God's great love demonstrated clearly in the life of God the Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus gave up his life and died on a cross as a payment for my sin. Jesus' sinless life and death bring me into a right relationship with God, something I can never achieve by myself.

Our central belief is that we are put right with God completely by the grace of God, His undeserved loving kindness. We receive this through faith in Jesus Christ (not by our own 'good works', the things we ourselves do). This focus on the gospel is the reason for my church's existence and the centre of my worship and my life.


Evil and wrong-doing doesn't only belong to terrorists and criminals, but it exists in every human heart, also mine. It comes from self-centered desires and grips my heart and makes me an addict to it. The word of God calls this addiction and my broken relationship with God 'sin'.

Lutherans believe we all need to face up to sin, confess our broken relationship with God and our own wrong-doing (as well as confess our lack of desire to do what is right and good). We understand that only God has the power to deal with sin and so we rely completely on God to pardon and forgive us.

THE BIBLE                                                                                                                                    

 The Bible is very important because it is the Word of God. This means it is more than a religious textbook. As someone has said, it is God's 'personal letter' to us. God makes himself known to us in his written word. We read and hear of the love of God in Christ, of the history of God's people, of the will of God for all people and of the kind of life He wants for us.. God's word to us arouses faith in God within us and builds it up.

With other Lutherans, we are serious about our commitment to the word of God, wanting continually to learn from it, live by it and share its great message of good news with others.

TRINITY                                                                                                                              We believe there is only one God, the Triune God. The Bible clearly talks of three 'persons' in this one God, who are equally powerful and equally eternal: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit. Christians express this truth about who God is by calling God 'the Trinity'.

The Triune God is too great for us to understand, but we accept the mystery of God the 'Three-in-One' and we marvel at what God in love has done and continues to do for us.


Jesus is truly God and He is also truly human. He freely gave us His life to deal with the sin of all people in the world, including our sins. His self-sacrifice on the cross reconciles the Father to me and to others who have faith in Him. Three days after his death, Jesus came alive again in order to show that He has power over death and Satan. Now he rules over all things.

Jesus promises that He will come again as the judge of all people, but until that day, He sends the Holy Spirit into iour  hearts to give us faith and to comfort and defend us against the devil and the power of sin. We believe that this Jesus is our Lord and our God, yet He is also our closest friend who we talk to when we pray. He promises He will be with us  always.


Because of our relationship with Jesus, weI worship with other Christians each Sunday. We find it a delight to gather with other Christians for worship since worship is where we meet God face to face. The gospel is at the heart of all Lutheran worship. We confess our sins and are forgiven; we hear God's word read; we hear the good news preached; we receive God's blessing and baptisms and Holy Communion are carried out according to God's Word.

In worship God gives us so many good things, especially His love and forgiveness and His own body and blood to strengthen us. We respond to God's gifts by praying and singing praise, by serving God and loving others.


I have been baptised in 'the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit', as the word of God commands. For me, this was as an infant. Through my baptism God gave me new life and made me His own child. I am now part of His family forever.

With other Lutherans I believe that God the Holy Spirit is at work in baptism. The Holy Spirit brings me and other baptised people the blessings Jesus gained for us through his death on the cross, 'forgiveness of sins, freedom from death and the devil, and life with God forever'.

Lutherans (along with Catholic, Anglican and many other Christians) baptise babies as well as children and adults. We follow this practice since the Triune God promises to come to people through baptism with his love, forgiveness and acceptance, no matter what their age.

HOLY COMMUNION                                                                                                            

We believe that in the Lord's Supper we receive the body and blood of the Lord with the bread and the wine. This is God's personal guarantee of the forgiveness of our sins. In Holy Communion the Triune God again shows His love and forgives us, accepting us just as He did in our baptism.

Eating at the Lord's table with other believers gives us a glimpse of heaven and strengthens us for the hard work of our daily lives. It also publicly shows that we believe that God's word and promises are 'certainly true'.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                                                                                                  

Lutherans encourage learning through individual and group Bible studies, in addition to the continued teaching and preaching of the word of God in worship. Individual and family devotional times are also valued.

The Lutheran Church in Singapore actively encourages confirmation classes, Sunday schools, Lutheran child-care centres and kindergartens.

These Lutheran teaching activities and institutions aim to offer the best in education from a Christ-centered perspective, placing Christian worship and God's wisdom at the centre of all learning.

NEW LIFE                                                                                                                         

Since God the Son gave His life for us when He died on the cross, we know life isn't cheap - all life is precious, a precious gift of the Triune God.

God created the world and all life, including us. He has given us ' body and soul, mind and senses, and all our abilities '. God has also given us the new life we have with him. Our lives in Christ began at our baptism and will continue after we die. We'll live forever with our Lord. For this reason, weI do whatever we can to help preserve life within our community and within the world.

MARRIAGE AND CHILDREN                                                                                            

God creates and nourishes human life through marriage and children. Marriage is a gift that God designed for the good of individuals and for the well being of communities. As Lutheran, we value our marriage as it is a mysterious sign of God's self-sacrificial love for the church. We regard our spouse as a gift of God to whom we should treasure and love in lifelong fidelity.

Our children are also special gifts from the Lord within our marriage, and God has placed them into our care. We recognise that, as God's gifts, marriage and children need to be valued and protected from anything that could lower their God-given status.

THE LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                                                 

The Lutheran church dates back to the time of Martin Luther (1483-1546) in Germany and was the first of the Protestant churches. Luther rediscovered from the Bible/scriptures that people don't get into a right relationship with God by 'good works' (such as living a moral life or doing 'religious' actions). Rather, God's acceptance of us is entirely a free gift received by faith in Jesus.

Luther was a reformer, not a revolutionary. He protested against abuses in the church of his time. He worked hard to reform church practices and teachings of the time that he and others saw as being contrary to the gospel. Lutherans today still know what we believe as Christians. In all matter of church doctrine and religious controversy, we continue to stand by the Scriptures and we accept the three historical Christian creeds (Apostles', Nicene and Athanasian) and the Lutheran Confessions because they show us what God's word says.



The history of the Lutheran Church in Singapore began when the Lutheran Church in Malaya in a move to extend their ministry into Singapore, built the chapel of the Lutheran Church of our Redeemer at 30 Duke's Road in 1960.

When Singapore became an independent nation in 1965, the name of the Church was changed to the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore. Through the years, we existed as one Church that spanned two nations until 1997 when we established the Lutheran Church in Singapore.

The Lutheran Church in Singapore is a member of the Lutheran World Federation as well as the National Council of churches of Singapore.

(Adapted from script by Dr. Rev. Lance Steicke)