Our Ministries

Worship Ministry
Worship is the core of Thai Good News Centre activities. We gather regularly to worship services as a community to experience the presence of our Creator, to sing praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to dwell in the Holy Spirit that guides us and drives us forward.

Within worship ministry we work with a team of worship leaders, ushers, scripture readers and musicians among others, encouraging each other forward, providing guidance, training and practicing.

Essential part of worship ministry is prayer. Within worship ministry we provide guidance and counseling.

As part of worship ministry we also engage in deliverance ministry.

Education Ministry
Education ministry includes Lay Training Programs, Baptism Classes, Bible study classes and Enrichment Classes.

Education ministry publishes Newsletter in English Language for publicity and awareness. There are plans for a Thai edition for our members. We have also Website and Face Book under the name of Tgnc Singapore.

Fellowship Ministry
Care Groups and regular Sunday Fellowship are key functions of the Fellowship Ministry. Regular meetings and discussions on everyday life issues, providing support as a group as well as guidance to Christian living form the core of this ministry. Introduction to methods of using prayer and Bible as part of everyday life and providing mutual encouragement among group members build foundations for grows individually, as a group and for the Kingdom.
Outreach Ministry
Witnessing and encouraging members to be witnesses among their communities is one of the key aspects of outreach ministry. Ministry also arranges evangelistic meetings - often in co-operation with it's partners.

Outreach ministry also caters for training needs of the Thai community providing English language classes and computer classes. These classes provide important foundational skills and at the same time build closer mutual relationships between the Thai Good News Centre and the wider Thai community.

Another form of outreach is through sports activities and recreational gatherings that create a friendly environment for new persons to join the activities.

Outreach ministry also arranges visitations and follow up with seekers and new believers.